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  1. Administrator

    VIP status

    From now you have option to purchase VIP statuss! Benefits You get: * 1.4 experience multiplier, it means that You have 40% more from base experience and 40% more experience from every buff or pet (example base 100% + vip = 140%, Bless of Light gives +100% + vip = 140%, all together is already 280%...etc) * +50 stat points after every reset * Reset can be made from lvl 380 * +100 Credits for Grand reset reward * Free hide character information * Per every online hour additional 10 GP (should be changed in web, "Trade Online Time") * 5% shop discount * 5% more Credits when Donate * Change name, change class 20% discount * Special place in Discord channel under VIP section * Vip statuss is active on all characters in Your account VIP for 15 days cost 3000 Credits